"The Blog Almost Too Boring To Be The Most Boring Blog in America ... for Over 5 Years!"

until it got too many red cards from Wounded Duck and the Boredom Enforcement Committee ... now the tortoise's goal is to get to 10 red cards so he can get Big Dog to drive down and take a good long walk with the tortoise

P. S. This blog listens to its readers. We have the Benjamin Category Override for 5+ mile walks and now, it humbles Tortoise to say he has been named "Lou", by Doug Jr, in memory of Mr. Consistency himself, Lou Gehrig. Tortoise can hardly type the words to think he is in any way comparable to the noble Iron Horse. Thank you!

Friday, January 27, 2017


It's that time of year for working late and then walking, so we have the 10pm indoor special again. For pictures I will refer you to Wednesday (34 of those laps), followed by Monday (135 times). This worked out to 4.24 miles for day 538. Ytd miles 91.61 (+0.58), time 1:18:06, pace 18:25, climb 597, tortoise rating 3.4, ytd climb 7988 (+616). Cheerio!

Thursday, October 20, 2016


Mile 834.  This evening's walk took Tortoise home from his church's special needs activity program by way of a drop down the Cactus Cliff trail hill and back up. We are at consecutive walking day 452.   Today's 3.31 mile walk was done in 1:07:24 hours, for a pace of 20:22 minutes per mile.  Lou climbed 290 feet, today's tortoise rating was 4,5.  More pictures await below ...


Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Mile 831.  Tortoise continued walking upstream along the Virgin River from where he left off yesterday, using Washington Dam Road as an alternate route since the trail has a temporary pause until additional sections are built one day.  The Ragozzines are on their way south for Fall break from school.  It was fun conversing with them by phone as I walked -- even though it was because they got stuck in a traffic jam between Fillmore and Beaver.  Thankfully that passed and they made it the rest of the way without too much further delay. We are at consecutive walking day 452.   Today's 4.38 mile walk was done in 1:21:17 hours, for a pace of 18:34 minutes per mile.  Lou climbed 173 feet, today's tortoise rating was 5.5.  More pictures await below ...


Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Mile 826.  Lou continued his walk along the Virgin River Trail, this time beginning at the Hell Hole trailhead near the intersection of Telegraph and Washington Parkway in Washington, Utah.  He walked down to the river, then upstream to its end near where Country Lane meets Washington Dam Road. We are at consecutive walking day 451.   Today's 4.31 mile walk was done in 1:27:07 hours, for a pace of 20:13 minutes per mile.  Lou climbed 228 feet, today's tortoise rating was 5.2.  Today's weigh-in:  215.8, a 2.3 pound decrease compared with Lou's last weigh-in on October 12.  More pictures await below ...