"The Blog Almost Too Boring To Be The Most Boring Blog in America ... for Over 5 Years!"

until it got too many red cards from Wounded Duck and the Boredom Enforcement Committee ... now the tortoise's goal is to get to 10 red cards so he can get Big Dog to drive down and take a good long walk with the tortoise

P. S. This blog listens to its readers. We have the Benjamin Category Override for 5+ mile walks and now, it humbles Tortoise to say he has been named "Lou", by Doug Jr, in memory of Mr. Consistency himself, Lou Gehrig. Tortoise can hardly type the words to think he is in any way comparable to the noble Iron Horse. Thank you!

Saturday, October 15, 2016


Mile 820.  The double tease.  What do you think Boredom Committee, is this a quality hill for the path to work?  There's more when you click below to continue reading ...


Friday, October 14, 2016


Mile 815.  Walking home on a late Friday work night before another uberdeadline on Monday.  Sounds like a good time to tease the Boredom Committee, who must be thinking the ultimate boredom is to have no blog posts to monitor at all.  Fear not, Tortoise is still walking!  This will be a quick highlight post, hopefully Lou will come back and add more details to it sometime in November after the next work deadline on the hallowed eve of All Saints Day.  But if you click to keep reading, Tortoise does have a little more for you ...


Friday, October 7, 2016


Mile 788.  Started with a steep climb and some great views at the east end of 1300 South in Hurricane, then looped up to the municipal airport and back.  Hope you enjoy the pictures.


Thursday, October 6, 2016


Mile 784.  Confluence Park was so nice on Tuesday, Tortoise decided to go back today, this time on the south side of the Virgin River.  He started at the trailhead at the far north end of Hurricane's Main Street, went down the Confluence View trail to the river, then climbed back up the steep hill by taking Chub Trace to the Basalt Trail to Tortoise Track until it becomes 200 West.  He then walked city streets for a little over a mile before returning to his car.  A map follows after more pictures.  The day's walking thought is by Silvia Allred ...


Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Mile 780.  You're looking up the Grapevine Trail, about a mile from the trailhead on Washington Parkway, which is just west of Interstate 15, exit 13.  One of many views that makes Tortoise smile when he is walking in the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve. 

The day's walking thought was by Julie Beck ...


Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Mile 777.  Lou walked north from the La Verkin west chapel this evening, until he got to the Confluence Park trail access at the curve where the 360 West and 600 North streets meet.  From there he dropped down to the main Confluence Park trailhead, then took the Confluence and Cactus Cliff trails back to the west end of Center Street.  Tortoise used city streets to his starting point from there.  He can't get enough of the peace he finds in Confluence Park!  Walking thought was provided by Thomas Monson ...


Monday, October 3, 2016


Mile 773.   Lou has been looking for the Rusty Cliffs trail, which he had noticed on maps just north of City Creek trail.  But he had found it challenging to actually find along the Red Cliffs Parkway.  Today, Tortoise figured it out.  It turns out the City Creek trail forks near its western terminus at the Parkway.  The right fork he walked back on September 7.  It ends at the Parkway.  The left fork goes under the parkway, and when you emerge from the tunnel, the view shown above appears and the Rusty Cliffs trail begins.  Lou accessed it today by parking near the Sunset shopping center and theaters and walking up to the Red Cliffs Parkway and taking the right fork of City Creek trail to the left fork.  There's a map later on if that was confusing.  The views are lovely on this path just across highway 18 from the Chuckawalla trailhead.  Somehow the dirt path compared with the paved one that hugs the highway seems much more like you are out in the wilds.  Be sure to let Lou know what you think!  

Walking thought was provided by Quentin Cook today.