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until it got too many red cards from Benjamin and the Boredom Enforcement Committee ... now the tortoise's goal is to get to 10 red cards so he can get Big Dog to drive down and take a good long walk with the tortoise

Friday, October 10, 2014


The second time was the charm for walking the T-Bone Trail in the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve, rated at 2.4 tortoises on the uphill portion.  Round trip for this trail is 4.29 miles from the parking area on the west side of Pioneer Park, through the new park that is being constructed slightly to the east, to the T-Bone trailhead on Cottonwood Road.  There is a lot of elevation gains and drops along the way, which Tortoise measured at 509 feet.  The official BLM figures are a little less, go check them out here, then walk the trail yourself, and add a comment below with your own experience.

This is a delightful walk on a somewhat sandy, rocky path that will get your heart going for sure.  The 2.4 tortoise rating includes 1 level for the path condition.  A map, plentiful pictures, and today's walking thought taken from "The Voice Is Still Small" by Graham Doxey await you when you click below to continue reading ...

Thursday, October 9, 2014


Pioneer Hills Trail to T-Bone Trail to Pioneer Park to Red Cliffs Parkway Trail ... brings you this view and more in just 4.18 miles!  (Less if you don't purposely pass the highway underpass to your parked car so that you can walk that "extra mile").    Tortoise completed today's edition (rated 3.7) in 1:18:58 hours and burned 655 calories en route.  For a map, more pictures, a video, some tunes, and the walking message containing THE secret for living a long, happy, and useful life, by all means click below to continue reading ...


Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Love this picture taken on the Middleton Powerline Trail about three miles into today's 4.79 mile walk with 452 feet climbed in 1:39:28 hours.  Tortoise rating was 3.3, including a one tortoise allowance for consistently sandy walking conditions.  I'm sure Dr. Carter would be pleased with my heart rate on this one ...

Please click below to continue reading so that you can see the map, watch Tortoise's YouTube video, see additional pictures plus a YouTube Cold Play lego video that totally makes me think of Rachel, and ... check out a little of what Ted Brewerton had to say about Light ...


Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Loren Dunn provides today's walking thought that includes "In our dealings one with another, no matter what our position may be, we need more roses".  For more of that message, a map of Tortoise's travels this day, and other niceties, please click below to continue reading ...


Monday, October 6, 2014


This evening's walk was on the Prospector Trail, starting at the Cottonwood trailhead and heading north a couple miles before retracing my steps.  Tortoise loves discovering new paths just a hillside away from a busy city or highway, and yet in a world of its own.  Tonight was one of those nights.  The view above is looking down at the Wal-Mart Distribution Center in Hurricane shortly before passing behind a hill and into that other world just described.

More on this 4.15 mile walk with 281 feet climbed in 1:26:52 hours, including a map, more pictures, a video, and a classic walking message by James Faust that builds on the theme "The 'what’s in it for me?' philosophy is basically what’s wrong with the world" ... is just a click below away ...


Saturday, October 4, 2014


Tortoise headed out on a walk between sessions of General Conference.  He wanted to get a little more hill climbing and heart exercise than normal.  Confluence Park is always a go to place for this.  It begins less than a mile from the house and is protected from the normal city noise making it quite peaceful.   Thinking things would have dried off enough from the recent heavy rains to be passable, Tortoise headed out to the park.

His first stop was at his mother's house, 0.3 miles into the walk.  It was good to see that she is breathing better than usual!  After that visit, the walk continued to the west end of Center Street, where the picture shown above was taken.  For those of you who texted in before the walk wondering where Confluence Park is, this is a pretty good aerial view.  The Virgin River is visible to the left and the trees in the middle is the confluence where La Verkin Creek and Ash Creek both join the river about a hundred feet from each other.

For more on this walk and today's walking thought by Neil Anderson, please click below to continue reading ...


Friday, October 3, 2014


Challenge.  You want to get your daily walk in.  You might get a phone call during that hour and need to stop the walk, get in the car, and head out within ten minutes.  How do you plan your route?Of course there are lots of possibilities, Tortoise would love to have you comment to this post and share how you might do it.  If you'd like to know what he did, including a map, and today's walking thought by Jack Goaslind (Yagottawanna), please click below to continue reading ...