"The Blog Almost Too Boring To Be The Most Boring Blog in America ... for Over 5 Years!"

until it got too many red cards from Wounded Duck and the Boredom Enforcement Committee ... now the tortoise's goal is to get to 10 red cards so he can get Big Dog to drive down and take a good long walk with the tortoise

P. S. This blog listens to its readers. We have the Benjamin Category Override for 5+ mile walks and now, it humbles Tortoise to say he has been named "Lou", by Doug Jr, in memory of Mr. Consistency himself, Lou Gehrig. Tortoise can hardly type the words to think he is in any way comparable to the noble Iron Horse. Thank you!

Saturday, April 23, 2016


Mile 306.  Lou was invited to one of the more unique church sponsored community social events he has encountered -- the Rocket Car Derby!  Shown above is Starfleet 2161 Bob's speedster racing past the swift red machine.  There's more pictures, even a few video clips here ... but don't blink or they'll be gone!

The walk today was to the Derby and back ... of course it was by way of a magical mystery path ... what else would you expect from Tortoise?  Walking thought was by Stephen Owen ...


Friday, April 22, 2016


Lou gives thanks to the mile 300 rocks on the PCT -- he finished today's walk at mile 302.  Pictured above is clean-up time at the Concert in the Park tonight.  Not every day you can hear local Chris Steglich strumming away a Kansas tune, which made Lou smile.  After the concert was done and a tasty hot dog eaten, it was off for a walk up and down the nearby hills.  Walking thought was by Russell Nelson ...


Thursday, April 21, 2016


Mile 298.  Thursday, April 21st was a nice evening to walk up the hill from the office, accompanied by a thought by Russell Ballard ...


Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Mile 294.  Lou had meetings most of the evening in St. George, so he snuck in a quick walk a little after 5 pm -- and made it count by doing the Tortoise Track loop from the new trailhead at the north end of Hurricane's Main Street.  He's included some pictures at the trailhead later in this post.  Walking thought was by David Bednar ...


Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Mile 292.  By the light of the beautiful full moon rising over the mesa, at 20:40 Tortoise embarked on his circuitous course up and down the hills near his home.   Walking thought was by Jairo Mazzagardi ...


Monday, April 18, 2016


Mile 288.  Deadline day.  Tortoise started work at 02:30, and both to stay alert in the cool morning air, and to make sure he got his walk in, he took a break at 07:10 to do a quick loop up the hill to the middle school.  Nothing extra today.  Walking thought was by Mervyn Arnold ...


Saturday, April 16, 2016


Mile 286.  Tortoise walked back to work on this beautiful, clear, spring day, which had been cleansed by two days and a night of heavy winds.  The Hurricane valley did not get its name by accident, but it does keep the local air clean most of the time, which is a real blessing.  He went by way of the Hurricane Family History Center, a free service offered to all of the community by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  They had an open house to let folks know of the new resources available to help them learn about their family heritage.  Damien English, a bright, enthusiastic young man, helped Lou with several of these resources, including Findarecord.com (which helps with suggestions for family records that need corrections, such as eliminating duplications) and Rootsmapper.com (which shows you on a map where each generation of your family came from to get to where you were born.)  It was a fun and informative hour.  You don't need an open house, just go whenever they are open (9 to 5 Monday to Friday plus evenings Tuesdays, Thursdays, and by appointment).  Ethan was asking his grandpa about this just this week, gave him some good ideas!

There is a bonus feature in tortoiseland:  Slowly, so slowly, Lou is catching up on posts from days last year that he walked but did not publish his pictures and spreadsheet data.  This evening he brings you this gem from April 18 last year, including lots of smiles from the Golden Butterworth's awards night with Jacob at Dixie State!  Today's walking thought is by Neil Andersen ...