"The Blog Almost Too Boring To Be The Most Boring Blog in America ... for Over 5 Years!"

until it got too many red cards from Wounded Duck and the Boredom Enforcement Committee ... now the tortoise's goal is to get to 10 red cards so he can get Big Dog to drive down and take a good long walk with the tortoise

P. S. This blog listens to its readers. We have the Benjamin Category Override for 5+ mile walks and now, it humbles Tortoise to say he has been named "Lou", by Doug Jr, in memory of Mr. Consistency himself, Lou Gehrig. Tortoise can hardly type the words to think he is in any way comparable to the noble Iron Horse. Thank you!

Saturday, October 15, 2016


Mile 820.  The double tease.  What do you think Boredom Committee, is this a quality hill for the path to work?  There's more when you click below to continue reading ...


Friday, October 14, 2016


Mile 815.  Walking home on a late Friday work night before another uberdeadline on Monday.  Sounds like a good time to tease the Boredom Committee, who must be thinking the ultimate boredom is to have no blog posts to monitor at all.  Fear not, Tortoise is still walking!  This will be a quick highlight post, hopefully Lou will come back and add more details to it sometime in November after the next work deadline on the hallowed eve of All Saints Day.  But if you click to keep reading, Tortoise does have a little more for you ...


Monday, September 12, 2016


Mile 717.  This evening's walk took Tortoise down into Confluence Park at its State Street trailhead and back out on the Cactus Cliff Trail, then across town on Center Street before looping back to its place of origin.  For a map and more, please click below to continue reading ...


Saturday, September 10, 2016


Mile 714.  Today's highlight was the La Verkin Family Discovery Day.   A few hundred people came by and enjoyed historical displays and got to play with the computers and enjoy learning about their families.  There are more pictures here of some of that. 

When everything was cleaned up and put away, Lou was a tired tortoise, but he still got in a two mile, relatively flat walk.  Nothing for the 52 Hike Challenge this day, but a quality walk all the same.  Thought was provided by Tom Perry ...


Friday, September 9, 2016


Mile 712.  'Twas the night before Family Discovery Day and all through the church house there were people busily setting up their most interesting displays.  Pictures of those tomorrow!  In the meantime, Lou snuck in a walk doing laps around the grounds during a break.  He just might have been one of those people busily setting up before and after the break, ha!  The fresh air felt good!  Todd Christofferson provided the walking thought of the evening ...


Thursday, September 8, 2016


Mile 708.  It was a late one tonight, starting a little after 9 and heading north after the special needs activity program called it a wrap.  This path included a jog over to the neighborhood overlooking the north end of Confluence Park (very dark this time of day).  It also featured a drop down into the Riverwoods neighborhood, specifically so as to climb the hill back out.  Tortoise does love his hills. 

This met Lou's over 5k (3.1 mile) criteria for the 52 Hike Challenge, this one is number 2.  Walking thought this evening was by LeGrand Curtis ...


Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Mile 705.  Since he walked the Owen's Loop Trail on August 24, with its terrific views from an observation point like setting, Tortoise has been excited to try the City Creek Trail nearby.  From the maps, it looks like a good way to walk through the country cars drive through on Red Hills Parkway without being right next to the cars -- at least for one direction of a loop.  

It is that, and more.  It turns out to be a popular training ground for cross country runners with its up and down meandering path, which consumes mileage without actually going very far.  Lou generally differs from most hikers with regards to switchbacks.  He would prefer to walk farther if it keeps slopes to below, say, 10%.  As you will see a little later on the trail map, the City Creek Trail takes switchbacks to an extreme.  A couple times the trail actually goes up and down in a segment more than if it took the direct route instead of a long switchback.  This left Tortoise amused.  He still enjoyed this walk though.

Some might think it late in the year to be attempting this, but Lou has just discovered the 52 Hike Challenge, and he is intrigued enough to try to finish it in 2016, with a personal criteria of at least 5k (3.1 miles) in order for a given day's effort to qualify.  Today's adventure is #hike1.  This should be fun!

The day's walking thought was by Carl Cook ...