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Saturday, April 5, 2014


Treadmill walk today:  3.30 miles with 172 feet climbed in 1:00:22.  Tortoise rating:  6.5.  Calories burned:  447.

2014 Stats:

282.23 miles walked, which is 28.22% of my 2014 goal.
88:24:18 hours walked, which is 28:24% of my 2014 goal
13,249 total feet climbed
45,409 calories burned
 26.20% of the year has passed
I've walked on 77 of the 82 non-Sundays thus far in 2014, a 93.90% consistency rating.

The purpose of the percentages is to have a higher percentage of distance and time walked than of the year. This tells me I am on track. I'm sure this is more numbers than you are interested in, all I can say is I'm really good at setting high goals and having them slip away because I don't do them every, every day.

The tortoise is smiling, and Doug Jr, that Vegas billboard is right, boredom is not an option!


Saturday, March 29, 2014


Got up early before my first appointment and walked some more of the Santa Ana River trail.  I got within two miles of the beach.  The closer I got the better the smells got.  Salty sea air.  Fragrant bushes growing in the river bottom when I got past the paved section.  In places they have full trees growing in the riverbed, and this is southern California!  Then a little before mile 2 as measured from the beach starting point, the trails on both sides of the river are combined by sending everyone on the east side over the classic bridge pictured above.

I'm clearly not the only one who was enjoying this ... I quickly lost count of all the cyclists and even pelatons that passed me both directions. It was sunny, around 60 degrees, and a fine morning.  In the true meaning of the word fine, not the misused version when someone doesn't want to tell you how they feel.

Walked 5.44 miles, with 46 feet climbed going below streets and back up afterwards, in 1:27:39 hours.  I continued my normal practice of not stopping the clock when taking the pictures, so the tortoise got a good workout today.  Feels good! Tortoise rating was 6.8; calories burned:  903.

There's a map, lots of pictures, the promise of Eli coming (a fine tune, there I used the word again), and more waiting for you when you click below to continue reading ...


Friday, March 28, 2014


I liked the Santa Ana River trail so much yesterday that I did it again today and will wrap up my 3 day business trip in the OC by walking some more of it tomorrow.  Today's segment picked up where I left off yesterday at Harbor Blvd near Warner and continued to Moon Park in Costa Mesa just south of the 405 freeway.  There's no way to cross to the other side of the river between MacArthur and Adams, so I retraced my steps on the east side of the riverbed until I go to MacArthur, then took the west side trail back to Harbor and on to my parked car a couple blocks from the trail.

Today's walk was 4.82 miles with 26 feet climbed in 1:16:06 hours.  Tortoise rating:  6.9.  Calories burned:  817.  There's a map and several pictures waiting for you as soon as you click below to continue reading ...


Thursday, March 27, 2014


Went looking for a trail near my hotel on the Santa Ana - Tustin city border today, and was very excited to discover the Santa Ana River trail.   This is a cooperative effort of Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties, apparently still in process and is eventually intended to be a 110 mile trail from Big Bear Lake to the ocean at Huntington Beach.  Today I started near Warner Ave. and Harbor Blvd., went north as far as 1st Street, and then returned by taking the trail on the opposite side of the river.  That's right, most of the way there are actually two trails.

I especially like the picture above, typical of the colorful plants and flowers I saw and smelled on this 5.16 mile walk, on which I climbed 70 feet in 1:24:56 hours.  Tortoise rating:  6.7.  Calories burned:  837.  For a map and lots of pictures, please click below to continue reading.


Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Walked in muddy puddles this evening ... a rare treat in dry La Verkin ... you can see some of them glistening on the street in the picture above.  I'm sure Maude's friend Peppa would be well pleased! Interspersed walking with visiting a couple different ward's high priest's group leaderships to help with family history ... there are new aids for them at lds.org, including several 1-3 minute video clips.  Nice!

My walk was 4.11 miles with 29 feet climbed in 1:09:56 hours.  Tortoise rating:  6.0.  Calories burned:  642.  A map and more is just a click below away ...


Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Always excited to get a new take on what seems to be the same picture ... so what's different here?  We have a mother pushing her two children in a covered stroller.  Running.  I moved out of her way and watched, highly impressed, reminded once again that where there is a will there is a way!

Walking up this hill to work at Valley Academy and back was my first walk of the day, but it wasn't enough, so when I finished with church work in Toquerville this evening, I did the rest of today's walking there.  Totals today:  3.94 miles walked with 330 feet climbed in 1:16:24 hours.  Tortoise rating:  4.5.  Calories burned:  644.

For maps and pictures of my search for the long lost but not forgotten Sally in Toquerville (I didn't find her, but there are more places to look ...), please click below to continue reading ...


Monday, March 24, 2014


Walked with Rachel after work in Hurricane 4.91 miles with 239 feet climbed in 1:31:16 hours this evening ... by phone ... very nice, thank you!!!  Tortoise rating:  5.2.  Calories burned:  765.  For a map as well as the Google aerial view video, please click below to continue reading ...