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Saturday, April 19, 2014


I finished my last segment of the Hurricane Rim loop today -- the Gould's Rim Trail.  Pictured above is Doug and Stefanie heading out to enjoy the beautiful views on their jeep ride home after dropping me off at the trailhead.  Thanks to you both!

My walk of Gould's Rim meandered along the winding top of the rim overlooking this wash, heavily eroded from years of flash floods.  My car was parked a short distance from the north end of the trail, including that, I walked 3.09 miles with 207 feet climbed in 55:28 minutes.  As you might expect, there is a lot of up and down terrain as the trail crosses the hilly rim overlooking the wash.  Tortoise rating:  4.6.  Calories burned:  480.

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Friday, April 11, 2014


And now from the Terreeeblay sports department, we bring you pictures from tonight's Hurricane vs. Pine View futbol game direct from Tiger Stadium, as viewed from this evening's 2.24 mile walk, which was completed in 42:09 minutes and included 45 feet of elevation gain.  Tortoise rating:  5.7; calories burned:  350.  Please click below for more pictures and a map ...


Thursday, April 10, 2014


I took this picture while dropping off a package at the FedEx box in front of the Ace Hardware store in Hurricane this afternoon.  By the time I did my 2.12 mile walk down State Street to Main and back in the evening, the rest of this building was gone.  They've started work digging a hole, apparently for a basement for a new building, but at this point I don't know and I'm not going to take the time to check it out further at this point  ... I will just watch as it progresses.  My walk included 36 feet of elevation gain in 39:07 minutes.  Tortoise rating:  5.8; calories burned:  330.  Please click below to continue reading to see a map and more ...

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Got on the first flight out of LAX this morning for Vegas, then headed to Mesquite for a couple midday appointments and on to the Hurricane office for more there.  About 8 pm I headed out for my walk, just in time for evening bible study at my new neighbor, Calvary Chapel.  They are in the space Ross Lindsay used to have his karate studio in, and they get a pretty good crowd.

My walk was 2.63 miles with 62 feet climbed in 47:23 minutes.  Tortoise rating:  5.6; calories burned:  409.
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Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Finished even later tonight than last night, so the walk was on the hotel treadmill.  2.01 miles with 425 feet climbed in 34:35 minutes.  Tortoise rating:  5.0  Calories burned:  360.  For more, please click below ...


Monday, April 7, 2014


How's this for a day on the road?  Fly in late at night.  Get a hotel room near the airport.  In the morning, walk 0.72 miles pulling your luggage up the sidewalk to a rental car agency, and passing a gentleman you talk to on the way and find out he's headed to work for Metrolink helping to extend the Crenshaw line to the airport.  I'm sure he was thinking I would be a customer for sure when he gets that line open.  See people all day and into the evening, then last thing before going to bed walk 1.46 miles on a well lit street roundtrip to an ATM machine and back.  Oh yes, that plane in the picture was taken along my first walk.  Looks like it's going straight up to the moon, actually it's seconds from landing.

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Saturday, April 5, 2014


Treadmill walk today:  3.30 miles with 172 feet climbed in 1:00:22.  Tortoise rating:  6.5.  Calories burned:  447.

2014 Stats:

282.23 miles walked, which is 28.22% of my 2014 goal.
88:24:18 hours walked, which is 28:24% of my 2014 goal
13,249 total feet climbed
45,409 calories burned
 26.20% of the year has passed
I've walked on 77 of the 82 non-Sundays thus far in 2014, a 93.90% consistency rating.

The purpose of the percentages is to have a higher percentage of distance and time walked than of the year. This tells me I am on track. I'm sure this is more numbers than you are interested in, all I can say is I'm really good at setting high goals and having them slip away because I don't do them every, every day.

The tortoise is smiling, and Doug Jr, that Vegas billboard is right, boredom is not an option!